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Push the Treasure Chest through the last Zone of a forsaken graveyard, collect the hidden gems, use your skills, a pumpkin gun, and crates & barrels to defeat the Freaks who try to grab the diamonds and gold from you. Beware of deadly traps. A reward awaits you at the end.

Necropolys Encounter is a first person action-strategy game designed for the mid-core player. Time is a factor.

"Physics is implemented well and adds to variety on how player could tackle particular in-game challenge. Graphics are eye-catching, especially environment details and monsters design. Gameplay looks like fun." -- GOG reviewer

"I'm feeling nostalgia for a game I've never actually seen before." -- Steam Greenlight user

This release for Windows Desktop (32-bit and 64-bit) includes all three episodes:

  • Episode 1 : Knight's Arena
  • Episode 2 : Skeleton's Lair, Zombie's Alley, Vampire's Park
  • Episode 3 : Headsman's Nettle, Convict's Maze, King's Pigsty

Knight's Arena (Zone 1) is where you learn to push/pull the Treasure Chest and crates, place the Diamonds in the Treasure Chest, and fight the Kneetos. You can hear a Kneeto coming from afar, which helps when you get attacked by more than one. You'll discover a deadly trap and begin to figure out how to spot them. If a trap is not conspicuous then there is always a warning a couple of seconds before it's triggered.

Skeleton's Lair (Zone 2) is where things begin to get rough. You must come up with a strategy to reach the Diamond hidden among the crates, and then to get it into the Treasure Chest. All this while a horde of Skelkuts attacks you... one of them, as you will see, is tougher than the others.

Zombie's Alley (Zone 3) is fun, with lots of Zombeyes walking around, seemingly oblivious to how easy targets they make for you and your pumpkin gun. Happy hunting! Except that here, there are quite a few traps and you get a close encounter with the Hyparranx. Oh, and actually you can't kill everything that can kill you.

Vampire's Park (Zone 4) is even more interesting. There are many places to hide and ways to get the Vampiks confused but there are traps where you wouldn't expect. And the invincible Hyparranx are back... Not to mention the Maxi Boarbon that guards the coffin. You need to get the Diamond and stay away from this nasty beast to enter the next zone.

Headsman's Nettle (Zone 5) is where you feel that you hit rock bottom. You can distract the Grunting Slayers by hitting them with all you have, or use barrels to destroy them. These überFreaks and the Kenju Mercs along the Smuggler's Path are very good at what they do--executions. Therefore, run as fast as you can (um... where you can... you'll see what I mean), keep your distance, accept your losses, lick your wounds, whatever, and move on.

Convict's Maze (Zone 6) is my favourite one. Just don't get too close to a Blue Murdeko or a Green Snappo as they could quickly... check on your health status. In case you haven't noticed, they're all dead and they bear a grudge against the living. One more thing -- those yellow-greenish hissing pumpkins sitting on top of the fence? They too are unforgiving. But trust me, you CAN make it.

King's Pigsty (Zone 7) is where you can relax.. a bit, maybe. If you didn't bring all the Diamonds with you in the Treasure Chest, forget it. Zombie "Mac" Boss won't help you (in a future update, he might also order the Goedendager guarding his treasure to crush your skull). But if he is pleased with you "contribution" then all gates are open to you, so to speak. Head off to the Mini Boarbon corral, those are not pets by the way, try not to get killed right there (it would be a shame after all the effort, don't you think?), and jump the wall to enter the Necropolytan Temple area. It's okay, the king's Xbowman won't hurt you (at least not in the current version of the game hehe). The Skelkut Rex is so impressed that you made it that he presents you with a reward... sort of.

Necropolys Encounter is one hell of a ride so hold on to your Treasure Chest and watch your six. If you can't keep up, don't step up, as a notorious "escaped convict, murderer" once put it.

More screenshots here: https://necropolysencounter.tumblr.com

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More information

Published50 days ago
PublisherPegasone Inc.
Tags3D, Action-Adventure, Fantasy, halloween, mission, Real time strategy, Shooter, Superhero, Vampire, Zombies
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average durationAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer


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